About Dr. O’Brien


Michael J. O’Brien

Born and raised in the D.C./Maryland area

Associate Veterinarian, Walkersville Veterinary Clinic, Walkersville MD

26 Year Owner and Operator, Animal Health Center, Mount Airy MD

Married, Nanci Bernstrom,

  • Education

Graduated, Archbishop John Carroll, Washington D.C.

Graduated, Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland College Park, MD

Graduated, School of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University West Lafayette, IN

  • Professional Organizations

American Veterinary Medical Association

Maryland Veterinary Medical Association

Western Maryland Veterinary Medical Association

  • Community Activities

Volunteer – Mount Airy Rails to Trails

Member – Mount Airy Historical Society

Member – Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce

  • Hobbies


The  animals