Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Animal Health Center remains the oldest active Veterinary Practice in the area. Its evolution has spanned almost 100 years since it began operation in the early 1900’s.

The Animal Health Center primarily is a family practice for pets.  We hope it is your first stop in seeking veterinary care for your animal.  We provide health care services for everything from the newborn’s first exam, the agony of the end of life, and everything in-between.

Our commitment is doing our best to keeping your pet healthy by:

  • Yearly wellness check-ups and yearly immunizations
  • Early identification of health issues
  • Determination of your treatment options
  • Answering your questions and helping assist you in making treatment decisions
  • Being a active partner in your pet’s care

Unfortunately, we can’t promise  happy outcomes all of  the time, but when a health issue arises we’ll present to you all treatment options,  attempt to let you know upfront what are the best options with your criteria in mind.

WE DO NOT MAKE JUDGEMENTS. We know that health decisions for family pets are highly personal and highly emotional.  We will not second guess your decision or try to up-sell you on a more expensive treatment option.  We will work hard for you and your pet, and strive to ensure all your activities at the Animal Health Center are as professional and helpful as possible.